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About Us


Feeling unfulfilled and burnt out with my career, the entrepreneur bug bit me. Wanting something more fulfilling, I took to combine my love of clothes and makeup and somehow, someway create a thriving business in a two red light town.

Starting at my kitchen table, I have worked to create a brand that encompassed strength and confidence for women of all sizes. I strive to look deeper into strengthening the connections between women and their closets.

Clothing is more than just wearing something you love and feel confident in. As I’ve met new customers, I’ve come to realize clothing helps tell your story. Girls, your stories are helping me build my brand! Each piece represents strength, confidence and the comeback from the battles we face in our lives. I know I created this brand, but it’s my customers that have moved me so much to keep on keepin’ on.

Daily I hear of women tackling battles, smashing amazing goals, or confronting new and sometimes daunting experiences that call for THE perfect outfit for the opportunity. I’m literally crying writing this right now. My clothing may inspire you, but to keep it real, YOU have inspired the clothing.

Girl, you are truly amazing!